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Diamond Consulting Group, Inc. is an organization of actuaries and consultants who specialize in the health care industry.  We provide services to insurers and other risk-bearing entities regarding topics such as pricing, reserving, financial projections, regulatory issues, and others.  If you have any questions and think we could be of service, please call or email us today.

Who we are:


Jeff Smith is a Fellow of Consulting Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.  Jeff has more than 40 years of health actuarial experience. His experience includes work with insurance companies, managed care organizations, regulators, providers, and employers.

Jeff’s career includes more than 25 years in corporate actuarial work, including appointments to chief actuary and chief financial officer positions. He also has experience in the political areas of health care financing and delivery, working with lobbyists and political action committees.  He has also served as adjunct faculty, teaching graduate courses in health care financing.

Jeff’s consulting experience includes projects involving rate model development, evaluating and re-engineering underwriting processes for large insurers and managed care organizations, and actuarial and underwriting regulatory compliance. He has served as interim chief actuary for several insurers during their staffing transitions.

Jeff regularly assists his clients with projects that include pricing, reserving, provider network analysis, and product development. He has worked to develop software tools and reporting systems to help clients measure and manage their healthcare costs. He also conducts training classes in rating and underwriting techniques and the use of automated tools for problem solving.


Jeff has also worked with clients that require “non-traditional” work, including modeling of government funding and tax financing for public behavioral health and financial management reporting systems.



Matt Elston is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.  Matt has more than 20 years of actuarial experience.  His experience includes work with state regulators, health plans, insurance companies and hospital systems.


Matt’s career includes serving as a health plan’s chief actuary, and serving as both Health Actuary and Assistant Director of the Office of Product Regulation and Actuarial Services for the Ohio Department of Insurance.


Matt’s state regulatory experience includes health product rate review, actuarial support of risk focused examinations, and participation in the NAIC ORSA pilot project.  His experience includes participation in multiple NAIC Health B Committee subgroups including the Health Actuarial Task Force. 


Matt’s health plan/health insurance company experience includes scoping out the actuarial function for start up/ turnaround, leading CSR Reconciliation filings, supporting rate management including regulatory filings, educating Executive Team on ACA requirements, performing state market withdrawal filings, and serving as QHP contact with HHS/CCIIO regulators during market withdrawal from ACA.  Matt served the health plan’s parent hospital system, educating leadership on the ACA and reviewing ACO terms and relationships.


Matt’s annuity insurance company experience includes various stochastic modeling analysis for deferred annuities (investment strategy, crediting strategy, and policyholder behavior function), analysis to de-risk variable deferred annuities and living benefit riders, analysis to lower fixed deferred annuities minimum interest credited rate, and forecasting fixed annuities. 


Matt has presented analysis to various stakeholders ranging from the Lt. Governor of Ohio, consumer advocates, health plan CEO and CFO, insurance company Chief Actuary and Product Risk Committee including VP of Hedging, Appointed Actuary, and Director of Investments.



Ben has over 15 years of actuarial experience, covering both casualty and health practice areas.  His experience includes work for insurance companies, large employers, healthcare provider organizations and regulators.  In these endeavors, Ben has dealt with large group, small group, and individual health insurance products.

In Ben’s 10+ years in health insurance, he has been involved in projects that include:

  • designing forecast models

  • constructing pricing models

  • developing actuarial cost models for new risk-bearing entities

  • underwriting for a health insurance provider

  • financial reporting and analysis

  • developing claim reserve estimates and other actuarial liabilities

In his 7 years in casualty insurance, Ben has been involved in projects that include:

  • building pricing tools and methodologies

  • underwriting reinsurance contracts

  • developing claim reserve estimates and other actuarial liabilities